? Tuesday: Favorite Anthem

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When I drive around in my car with the windows rolled down I love to belt a great song at the top of my lungs. I call songs perfect for this anthems. We all have them. Perhaps you sing yours in the shower or while you dance around when you’re home alone on Friday nights. Whatever the situation, I want to know what your song is. Or songs. As many as you’d like to list.

Currently, my go-to jam is ‘Classy Girls’ by The Lumineers. I sometimes listen to that thing on repeat 10+ times. And actually, their whole album is good for this – ‘Dead Sea’, ‘Ho Hey’, and ‘Stubborn Love’ are also favorites. The Lumineers is a departure from my normal power girl anthems by Lady Gaga or Kelly Clarkson.

4 thoughts on “? Tuesday: Favorite Anthem

  1. I sing along SO MUCH in the car. Maroon 5 songs are always really fun and loud. And musicals! I love putting the soundtracks to Sweeney Todd or Dr. Horrible on really loud and singing very loudly and very badly.

    It just makes driving so much more fun 🙂

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