Rec Thursday: Listening

Here are some song/artist selections you can hear at my house or in my car:

Alabama Shakes is an awesome band. The first line on their album is “Bless my heart.” SOUTHERN AMAZINGNESS. Plus, Brittany Howard has one of the most unique and beautiful voices out there today.

HAIM just sends me back to the 80s and 90s. I just bought tickets to see them in May!! I seriously get my girly groove on to this sister trio.

Bastille can do no wrong with me. I’m posting a live version of one of their songs so that you can hear how amazing they are live. BECAUSE HIS VOICE, MY GOD.

I first heard Ben Howard on The Walking Dead and now I’m obsessed. Perfect to play in the background while reading.

Iceland is killing it on so many levels right now. Of Monsters and Men features something I’ve come to love musically – the combination of male and female vocals.

Blast from the past:

Poe’s 90s album, Hello, was one I played over and over again. I still do, to be honest. I love to sing along. She has a very feminine anger to her music that helps me vent certain frustrations. Particularly, this song.


4 thoughts on “Rec Thursday: Listening

  1. I’m glad you’re making music posts too now. I saw both Haim and Of Monsters and Men at the same festival here in Helsinki this past summer, both are very good.

    How can you have music in the background when you read, don’t the lyrics disturb? I know many people can do that, but I can’t so I’m always curious. Can you switch the lyrics off and focus only on the text in your head?

    • I’m enjoying making music posts even if no one else cares – lol. As for listening to music while I read, I can’t always do it and not with every kind of music. If I’m super into the book, I can absolutely block out everything else. But most of the time I need something quieter and soothing. Something with a good, even beat will help me focus better on what I’m reading. That’s why I can’t read around people – the cadence of speech is anything but even which draws me away from my concentration. I do have to turn down the volume though!

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