The Walking Dead: “Inmates”

the-walking-dead-inmates-glenn-2Normally, I like to watch the episode twice before writing about it, but I’m winging this tonight after one viewing. Let’s get started.

Yay, Norman’s back!! That was my first impression. Sorry, not sorry. He’s shut down emotionally and Beth is trying to keep him going. BETH. I think Emily Kinney has more lines in this episode than she’s had through the entire series. Not sure how I felt about the emo voice over. And how can these characters be almost on top of each other and not find each other? Not much happens with these two.

Next, Tyreese and the children. Baby Judith is alive!! (I already knew this. I read spoilers.) Lizzie is a crazy, psycho and someone needs to understand this quickly. The most gut-wrenching part of the episode was her smothering Judi nearly to death with a glint in her eye. WTF? I felt bad for Tyreese being left alone with the kids. And are we suppose to think that Luke and Molly got eaten? And then…CAROL!!! She’s back sooner than I expected. She’s clearly terrified of Tyreese finding out about her killing Karen and David. And she’s a liar on top of it all. Terminus scares me.

Maggie. Poor, poor Maggie. Watching those walkers come out of the bus just knowing she was going to see walker!Glenn at any moment. I cannot even imagine. Bob is a little too lighthearted about the whole thing, don’t you think? He’s all like ‘I’m gonna hook up with Sasha now that big brother Tyreese isn’t around’. I’m worried about Maggie’s psychological well-being.

And finally, Glenn is alive and stranded at the prison among the zombie horde. When he got into his bed I thought he might decide to never get up. But then he goes into badass, riot gear Glenn and saves himself and Tara. His face and reaction when he hears about Hershel had me mourning Hershel for the millionth time.

Rosita, Eugene, and Abraham have arrived!! Next Sunday can’t get here quickly enough (she says every Sunday).


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Inmates”

  1. It was an interesting episode. I was surprised to see Carol in this one and want to know why she was on her way back to the prison. We’ll hear more of her story for sure. I need Glenn to survive on the show. And what about that sanctuary place? Anywhere that says that gives me the creeps. It can’t be trusted!!

    • I suspect Carol was never going to wander too far from the prison. If it had been me, I’d have waited until Rick had told everyone and hoped someone who come try to find me. I feel like the sanctuary place can be no good. I mean, the thing is called TERMINUS which is a nod to Georgia history but also very unsettling.

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