Top Ten Tuesday: What I Love Most


About being a reader/blogger!! I picked five for blogger and five for reader. Go check out the other TTT posts.


1. Community – I love you. All of you. Making new friends and meeting people from all over the world has to be the number one reason to be a blogger. Am I right?

2. Reading Record – Before I blogged, I’d often forget how I felt about a book or certain quotes I wanted to remember. With a blog, I have a handy-dandy record of my reading experience for the past several years. I revisit old posts constantly.

3. Data Tracking – Sure, I could do this on a spreadsheet or Goodreads. And I do. But the reasons I started doing these things was to write wrap up posts on the blog. So thank you, blog, for giving me new reasons to geek out over spreadsheets and pie charts.

4. Learning new things (a.k.a. resume enhancement) – Okay, I know I’m not a professional, but blogging is a skill. I’ve learned so much. Whether about writing and grammar or writing code. Win-win.

5. Discovery – From podcasts to BookTube, I’ve made so many new internet and bookish discoveries that all started right here. And the books….MY GOD, the books. And music. And movies.


1. 1,000 Lives – George R.R. Martin wrote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” Best reason to be a reader, hands down.

2. Stretching the Imagination – I love building worlds and characters inside my head. Books allow me to do this and to go beyond the places my mind would go without someone else’s imagination and stories.

3. Community – Imagine that? Sneaking up on us again. But reading was what got me blogging in the first place. It’s what got me into my English classes and what motivated me to start my book club. Reading, while often solitary, has grown my social circle tenfold. A beautiful sort of irony.

4. Pretty Books – A totally shallow entry on the list. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Being surrounded by all the beautiful books on my many, many bookshelves makes me exorbitantly happy. I dream of having a dedicated home library in my next house.

5. Education – It sounds boring, I know. But I’ve learned so many things about the world and other cultures. I’ve done some amazing armchair traveling. Not to mention the growth in my vocabulary and nerdy grammatical anal retentiveness. Books allow you to go to school forever.


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: What I Love Most

  1. I love that you included “resume enhancement.” It’s so true!!! There’s so much of value to learn from blogging, and I guarantee you I would not have a job in PR right now if it wasn’t for my years of “fun” blogging and social media play.

  2. Your second #4 made my list too. I like to look at books, they are physically pretty.

    And of course, community, education, and other lives made my list too. I recently updated my resume to include some of my blogging skills too – it’s so true. I would never learned basic CSS without it.

    • It’s a skill we all learned willingly and mostly on our own which shows ambition and drive in my opinion. And books are so pretty. I’d own them even if I didn’t read them.

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