The Walking Dead: “Still”

9451268_600x338It’s almost zero dark thirty as I write this so I’m a little drunk with the need for sleep right now. Tonight’s TWD episode (and yes, I skipped the Oscars for this) centered solely on our oddest post-prison pairing (OMG, the alliteration), Beth and Daryl. And I loved every single beautiful disaster of a second.

I just finished reading a long article that discusses how TWD deals wonderfully with class issues that seem to stick around even in the zombie apocalypse. Daryl is clearly a have-not kind of person as he moseys around that country club. Loved it.

But you know what I loved the mostest? Beth fucking Greene. I’m so glad the writers of the show finally gave Emily Kinney a chance to shine. Even if it’s only so that she can be killed off in the next couple of episodes. I’m not actually certain she dies, but TWD seems to have a formula for major character deaths that revolve around big existential conversations and life-affirming moments. Am I right?

Anyway, I loved that Beth just wanted a damn drink. I loved that Daryl resorted back to season one Daryl all night. I loved that Daryl wouldn’t let Beth drink peach schnapps but suggested moonshine instead (but seriously though, Beth would have been on her ass if she was drinking moonshine on little nourishment and little water). I loved that Daryl and Beth both called each other on their shit and went a little bonkers. I loved that Beth was able to pull all of that out of Daryl when no one else, thus far, has. EVER CAROL. Sorry, I’m not a Caryl shipper.

I’m also not a Bethyl shipper. Although I might have softened towards them as a pairing during the episode. They fit together wonderfully in this complex and interesting way. It’s unpredictable and strange and a little wrong. DON’T HATE ME.

Moving on, I hate that Daryl thinks he’s nothing. I hate that Beth questions her survival. I just want them to find their family again, dammit. As for burning down the cabin/house/whatever, it was almost a bit too much – a little overplayed – but I won’t begrudge this nonstop horrorfest a lighter moment or two.

Next episode looks super intense, y’all. Like maybe death is going to happen. Bob? Sasha? Beth? But surely not Daryl. RIGHT? RIGHT?

P.S. Did you see Daryl and Beth holding hands in the preview? Why does this make me so happy even if it’s just this platonic bonding thing that is epic and wonderful and gooey and filled with chocolate, sunshine, and unicorns?

Oh, show.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Still”

  1. Every once in awhile, they’ll have a calm episode like this one, and then go berserk the following week when all crap hits the fan. Hmm. Maybe by the end they’ll all meet up at the Sanctuary place. I dont know what to think about Daryl and Beth. He was being pretty harsh at first but seemed to finally take it easy on her. Next week looks to be scary

  2. My daughter and I skipped the Oscars for this, too! Loved this episode. Not sure how I would feel about a Daryl/Beth relationship, but all I know is that if someone has to die, it better not be Daryl! I’ve loved the evolution of his character. I find these episodes since the prison make me nervous!

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