An Original Poem

Once Upon

She stands against the pale blue light
As the ticking and dripping of moments whisk by.
The glass weighs down her hand
Wet and biting with the smoky rebellion of age.
Her thoughts drift through the late summer cattails
Breezing above, over, under
Before toppling, crashing beneath the myth of truth

A fleeting image, a spark of meaning.

Sighing, she moves backward through her life
Wondering when the ending opened around her
Desperately savaging her illusions
The berries and blossoms of youth.

In the distance, beyond the now
A child laughs menacingly, the sound melting
The plastic frame she binds around herself,
Her frailty and her coarsened heart
Sharpened against a blackened tooth.

She exhales. The light extinguished.


(If you steal this I will hunt you don’t mercilessly and cut you. Don’t be a douche. Love, Brooke)


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