The Walking Dead: The Grove

14503359-mmmainLike Talking Dead said: Sometimes there are just no words.

Mika and Lizzie’s deaths were brutal. And Carol. Oh, Carol. Melissa you are by FAR the most talented actress on this show. I’m really worried you aren’t going to make it to season 5. Like so, so worried.

And Tyreese. That was so much for you to deal with. UGH. Thank you for forgiving.

Part of me can’t believe TWD had the guts to go there, but the other part of me is so proud of my little show. Push the limits. Challenge your audience. Teach us something.


Prediction for next week: Rick saves Daryl!!! PLEASE???? I wish Beth could somehow save him, but that’s highly unlikely. Also, I hope Daryl puts a knife in that janky ass redneck fucker’s gut.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: The Grove

    • I love how so many people have grown to love Carol! My husband adores her and thinks she’s the strongest member of the group. It’s so funny because sometimes I love Carol and sometimes I can’t stand her. But Melissa is always amazing in the role.

    • I think it’s just the perfect portrayal of what can happen to people in this world – how far they can go/change – and a happy little reminder that some people were psychos even before all this went down, like Lizzie. Harsh, but so, so good.

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