The Watch List – Quarter #1 2017

Television happens when I’m not in the mood to read. Or when I’m in the mood for television. There’s a difference, I swear. Here’s what I’ve been watching and flailing over recently. All are highly recommended if you have my exact tastes.

613_1024x411Big Little Lies – Let’s lead off with the heavy hitter. Get thee to HBO Go and binge away. It starts slow, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better adaptation of a novel EVER. EVER. EVER. The performances (particularly Nicole Kidman) killed me. I felt uncomfortable in the best way. And the ending slayed my heart – made me laugh and cry and smile like a goddamn idiot. Give it all the awards.

MITJ_DigitalAssets_Landing_540x360_R1_GCMozart in the Jungle – Want to keep smiling? Head on over to Amazon (don’t @ me) and watch this gem. It’s such an underappreciated comedy about an eccentric conductor taking over the New York Symphony Orchestra. It’s strange and quirky while being grounded in the slice of life narratives of struggling orchestra musicians. Gael Garcia Bernal absolutely shines as Rodrigo. Season three was bonkers.

la_ca_1223_black_sailsBlack Sails – The most epic gay pirate love story that is also a prequel to Treasure Island. And maybe one of the most sexually fluid shows ever created for mainstream audiences. Very adult, very violent. And also slow as hell where characters get the time to breathe and develop. Episodes might center around a crazy battle, but might also center around a quiet conversation between two people. The women are amazing – always two steps ahead of the men. You didn’t watch this show and you should have.

tvd-castThe Vampire Diaries – This is a rewatch. I watched live until midway through the fourth season when the show took turns I couldn’t get behind. But knowing how everything ends and having processed my complicated feelings years ago, I’m giving this show the full watch treatment. And I have to tell you, it holds up so well. The first season is one of the most expertly plotted seasons of television I’ve ever seen. And so far season two is almost just as great. TVD is a show where I actually appreciate the blooming love triangle (which, to me at least, is an actual triangle) and takes plot twists super seriously. What I mean by that is the writers never waited for the season finale to do something major. They liked to switch things up and break your heart every few episodes. And I loved them for it. Plus, the acting is mostly superb. I particularly love Paul Wesley’s performance as Stefan Salvatore. (I’m a Stelena shipper – bite me)

Also, iZombie is back and if you’ve never watched this show PLEASE RUN DON’T WALK.


New Project: The Watch List


For so long I’ve tried to become a pseudo film buff, but it never seems to stick. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I’m just too ambivalent about cinema in general. Or maybe I’ve just never found the right combination of time/desire to really advance my film buffery (a word I’ve just invented). Whatever the case, I’m embarking on a new cinematic journey and wanted to tell y’all about it.

I’ve compiled a list of great movies by decade starting with the 1930s. This list is a combination of hours of internet scouring. I’ve got movies loved by men, women, white people, and black people. I’ve gathered films in foreign languages and the English language. I searched lists of differing genres and those that are considered underrated, best of the all times, serious, quirky, etc.

With the trusty help of, I will be selecting four movies to watch each month starting in March. One from the 2000s, 90s, and 80s each. And then one from the 30s-70s. This method makes the most sense in my mind.

The only hiccup I’ve come across thus far is movie availability, particularly with foreign language films. For the more obscure movies, I’m either going to skip them altogether (what can you do, ya know?) or wait until the project really catches hold and consider spending extra money. I’m sure adding the Netflix snail mail plan would get me most of the way there, but I’m not ready to commit to anything beyond my streaming only option just yet. Amazon Prime seems to be the best way so far. Most movies are either free or $2-$3 rentals.

So, without further ado, here’s my To Be Watched list for March! Join me if you feel so inclined or ignore me altogether. Both are valid life choices.

High Fidelity (2000)

JFK (1991)

The King of Comedy (1983)

A Man for All Seasons (1966)

I haven’t seen a single one of these so I’m super duper excited. Let me know which ones you’ve seen and what you thought!!