Rec Thursday: Music

Time for more music recommendations! I’m going to focus on some new-to-me bands I’ve been digging the past few weeks.

One of the booktubers I follow did a favorite female musicians video recently and recommended Daughter. I’m now fully in love. The music and the lyrics are haunting. The video below gutted me with its intense loneliness.

The xx:
What a super awesome band. If you enjoyed The Great Gatsby soundtrack, you probably already love the song they contributed to it and just haven’t branched out to listen to their other stuff yet – but you should!! I love the male/female vocals playing against each other.

Arctic Monkeys:
Another fun rock band that’s been around forever (2002) that I’m only now discovering. What makes me love the Arctic Monkeys is how upbeat and surprising their music is. I love the dance-y, hip hop-ish beats.

Blast from the past:

Brand New (particularly their second album, Deja Entendu):

Brand New’s second album got me through my freshman year of college and that is no lie. I lived and breathed that thing – every single song was a poem brought to life. I wanted to marry Jesse Lacey and have his babies simply because his lyrics were the stuff of dreams. And how often do your hear songs (or anything for that matter?) that tackle the subject of women raping men? See below: