Someone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson

unnamedMs. Jackson is a local author and one I have not previously read. I really was super stoked to join this tour and honestly could not wait to start reading this. But then the end of my reading world happened and I haven’t finished a single book this month. Including this one. So now I begin my groveling and hoping that y’all will still love me. I do fully intend to read this, but it might not happen until January when I host my Southern Literature Month. I can only hope I’ve found my reading mojo again by that time.

That being said, Jackson’s newest novel is getting so much love! The reviews have really been superb. I’ll link a couple here:

S. Krishna’s Books

Write Meg!

What I’ve been gathering is that Someone Else’s Love Story really reads differently than the cliched, overdone romance plot. The novel also apparently has quite the emotional punch. I follow Joshilyn Jackson on Twitter and love her! Read a recent interview she did for Powell’s here.

Also, if you live in the Atlanta area she’ll be spending Small Business Saturday selling books and greeting customers over at Eagle Eye Bookshop in Decatur. I’ll most definitely be stopping by.


Thanks to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review (which will definitely happen soonish!). Stop by TLC’s site for all of the tour stops.

About the Author:

Joshilyn-JacksonJoshilyn Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels, including gods in Alabama and A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty. Her books have been translated into a dozen languages. A former actor, Jackson is also an award-winning audiobook narrator. She lives in Decatur, Georgia, with her husband and their two children.

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Book Order!

I haven’t placed an online book order in a long while – discounting the books I buy for book club, obviously.  This little spending splurge felt great because there was no guilt involved.  With my book spending habits seriously in check these past few months, I could order these gems with a light heart.  So what did I get?

Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson – I’ve wanted to read something by Jackson for quite a while.  Many fellow bloggers sing nothing but her praises.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of being from Georgia, not too far from Between.  It’s a tiny little town nestled away on Hwy. 78 between Athens and Atlanta.  Jimmy and I always giggled at the name when we rode through.  I know I’ve been less than thrilled with the southern novels I’ve read this year, but I’m hoping I’ll find a winner here!

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – With Gone Girl garnering so much attention and praise, I’ve been super excited about getting to know Flynn as an author.  Instead of beginning with Gone Girl, I thought I’d reach back a bit further in her catalog and get better acquainted with her style first.

Stiff:  The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach –  I admit to being a Mary Roach virgin, but have long wanted to dive into one of her fascinating books.  And let’s face it – dead bodies are intriguing things.  Or perhaps I’m just kind of a creepy person?  I did want to be a forensic pathologist at one point.  Anyway, I know I’ll love this book.

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin – Don’t worry.  I’m not going to be reading this one anytime soon, but I wanted it on the shelf for when I’m ready to go back to Westeros.  Probably won’t be until next year or even the year after that.  I’ve heard some seriously mixed reviews.  The 4th and 5th books were actually supposed to be one novel originally, but Martin didn’t think an 1800 page book was a good idea – so he split them in two.  This means Crows lacks three of my favorite characters almost entirely.  Not sure how I feel about that.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on any of my selections!  With the overflowing TBR shelf, I probably won’t be getting around to any of these titles soon – unless you think one of them is a must read!