The Walking Dead: Live Bait

960Hello, Governor! Welcome back. It seems that you’ve been on a long, harrowing journey that reminded me of Forrest Gump’s cross country run. When you crawled out of that tiny little tent at the beginning of episode 6, I might have giggled a little bit. Overall, I enjoyed your emo opening montage.

Unlike many others, I was well aware that ‘Live Bait’ was a David Morrissey-centric episode and that we wouldn’t be spending anytime with the prison camp. I was a bit sadface at first, but quickly got wrapped up in the story and got over myself.

I think him finding a new family is genuinely creepy and humanizing all at the same time. There were times when I was yelling at Lily & Co. to get the hell out of there and others when I was glad they had someone to protect them. I also found the chess scene with new!Penny really endearing. I kept having to remind myself that he had somewhat recently slaughtered a bunch of innocent people.

The spaghettios were awesome. Spaghetti Tuesdays, indeed. Cheeky writers.

Lily hooking up with ‘Brian’ was understandable, but one of those moments I was yelling at the tv in utter disgust. Not that DM isn’t attractive (he totally is), but the last girl he slept with he fed to a zombie.

The final scene with the pit was great. Loved all the grotesque zombie kills and the gore, I think, wasn’t gratuitous. Watching TG kill those walkers with his bare hands in such a fashion helps remind us of his own brutality and the limits he’ll probably go through to keep new!Penny safe. Rick and the prison had better not get in the way of that. Bad things that involve tanks are likely to happen.

So, yay for TG’s return! Next week’s episode looks to be a little more action-packed but still centering on TG and the return of Martinez. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic works out. TG is a master charmer and manipulator extraordinaire.