Member Spotlight: Meet Holly Rauckman!

What is your earliest (approx.) reading memory?

My dad taking me to the Bookstore every weekend. The very first book I bought was The Chronicles of Narnia when I was 8. 

What are your favorite kinds of books to read?

It varies. I like reading just about anything. But lately I’ve been liking to read Mysteries. Give me Sherlock Holmes or a book by Agatha Cristie and I’m happy. I also like YA paranormal fiction. And Science fiction. And anything by Stephen R. Lawhead. 

Other than your passion for books, what should members know about you?

I  am obsessed with British T.V. Mostly Doctor Who. My favorite Atlanta Hangout is Little Five Points, because it has a very eclectic mix of people and shops. I love music. My CD collection is so varied, if you can think of a type of music, I most likely have it.  I have a passion for cooking, and I’d like to open my own restaurant one day.  Every September I work at an anime convention in the art show room, where I am the assistant director.

Name your favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area (or two or three!).

Provino’s Italian, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, And The Vortex in Little Five Points. 

If you could get on a plane bound for anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

England. I’ve always wanted to go to England. I am an Anglophile. I love everything about England. Or The Netherlands because I have a couple of friends from Harleem and Rotterdam. And I’m learning Dutch, so I’d like to put it to good use.