Bienvenidos, Noviembre!

Hola, amigos! How’s tricks?

Halloween has come and gone quicker than I can wrap my  mind around at this point. The holiday season is now in full throttle, and I suspect all things Christmas are about to really get annoying. Money is also about to fly out of my bank account.

My TBR for November is filled with mostly obligatory readers. I’m currently reading Night Film which is 100% by choice (and hype) and enjoying. Here’s what’s on tap the rest of the month:

Not sure how much posting/visiting/commenting I’m going to get around to this next week as I’ll be travelling to Florida for work. I’m hoping to, at the very least, put my review up of the newest Walking Dead episode and my review of Night Film. But don’t hold your breath!

Oh, and Ender’s Game! A huge group of us are going to see it Saturday. I’m terrified by how horrible it might be. But some reviews I’ve seen have been positive.

Have a great November!