Showtime’s Brilliance

Sunday night is really one of the best nights of television out there – if you have Showtime and AMC.

Showtime’s fall season got started last night and I was not disappointed! The new season of Dexter has begun! Harrison is now a toddler starting pre-school which means Dexter is going to have to start teaching his kid how to be awesome. He wants to enroll Harrison in a Catholic school despite his own lack of religious belief.  Our new Big Bad is Colin Hanks partnered with old, spanish man who’s name I have forgotten – they catch a pregnant snake, remove a man’s intestines, and, of course, replace them with the baby snakes!  Awesome.  These killers are supposedly spreading some religious message – see a pattern so far?  Religion is going to be our new season’s theme!

What makes me love Dexter so much is how utterly mind-boggled I get sometimes cheerleading for a serial killer.  I mean, Dex’s hammer time joke when he kills his old high school classmate made me chuckle out loud – and then I was like – is it appropriate to laugh at someone’s murder?  Oh…and Dexter attends his 20 year reunion and plays touch football – genius.

Showtime’s new series, Homeland, premiered after Dexter.  I gotta say, didn’t have high expectations going into this one.  I have a love/hate relationship with Claire Danes, but Gideon (from Criminal Minds) is on my television again!  This show blew me away.  Powerfully intense stuff folks – and what a role for Damian Lewis.  He plays Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a POW found in a hole in Iraq 8 years after he goes missing.  Claire Danes works for the CIA as some sort of anti-terrorism analyst who received intel earlier that a rescued POW would be a ‘double agent’ turned by his Al Qaeda captors with a plot a against America!  Also, both Danes and Lewis will be suffering from mental health issues – an interesting juxtaposition.  Go watch it now!!! My vote for Best New Show of the Season!!