TSS: Man, It’s Early!

I don’t remember the last time I wrote a post this early in the morning.  Normally, I even schedule them for later than 6:35 am.  But I’m awake and The Sunday Salon is calling my name.

This week has been kind of a big week in the Lee household.  Jimmy quit his job on Friday which is exactly the same Friday that I quit my job last year.  Coincidentally, we both worked at the same firm – perhaps the most evil CPA firm to ever exist.  It’s a very long story with a simple morale – Power in Corporate America is given to complete imbeciles.  No worries!  He’s already signed on with another firm and starts there a week from Monday.  He’s even going to be making a bit more money with the promise of a very substantial performance bonus.  Old firm didn’t know what a performance bonus was – unless you were an evil partner.

Enough of that!  The weather outside is unbearably hot, even for Georgia.  My reading chair is surrounded by a door and a window which literally allows me to feel the heat from outside oozing in.  Disgusting really.  I’m keeping my butt in doors today while Jimmy has a friend over to install a new exhaust system on said friend’s car – in the sweltering garage.  Yuck.

July 4th came and went rather pleasantly.  The park behind our house does a pretty decent fireworks show that we get to watch from our backyard.  We took our dinner up to the balcony and enjoyed from the comfort of our lounge chairs.  Our poor dogs weren’t very happy with the bangs.  Emmy hid in our bed under the covers and Cesar continuously barked at the invisible culprit.

As far as my reading week went, I finished A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin and The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.  Both were fantastic reads.  I’m now about halfway through The Sherlockian by Graham Moore for July book club.  Honestly, still don’t know how I feel.  It’s lightly entertaining with a bit of hokey-ness thrown in, but not terrible really.  A good book for summer, methinks.  Also just started Gone With the Wind – one chapter in – and can’t wait to keep reading.  I read GWtW in college and look forward to reacquainting myself with it’s story.

How’s your Sunday going?  Did you have a great week?  What are you reading?  Hope everyone beats the heat and has a fabulous day!