The Walking Dead: “Isolation”


Crazy Rick made a fabulous appearance last night, and he’s managed to find a new shirt. I love crazy Rick.

The plague is taking out our fearless survivors very quickly. I know someone very important to the show is supposed to die in the mid-season finale, and I really hope it’s not Glenn. Why does he have to be sick? WHY??? Perhaps Herschel will take one for the team since he’s loving getting coughed on these days.

I just need more Daryl. He had some interesting scenes with Michonne – I felt some sparkage. Anyone else?

I’m not sure how I feel about Tyrese yet.

I love that Carol was the one who burned those bodies. She’s come to play and win these days at whatever the cost. I’ll be looking to see how her and Rick work together and whether that’s even possible. Will Rick tell anyone else what she did? I wonder what Daryl would do if he found out?

I’m definitely in the camp of people thinking that The Governor has a mole in the prison who is feeding the rats to the zombies. That would just be totally badass.

Despite the zombie horde tonight, this was a quiet episode. I just feel like the tension is building and building until shit is going to explode. I have a feeling none of us will be able to handle what happens mid-season.

The only thing I’m really lacking right now is Daryl. I just want something more for his character. And he needs more screen time. Because of the pretty.

The Walking Dead: “Infected”


This flu might be more frightening than the zombie infection. I love that such a simple naturally occurring flu outbreak can cause such utter turmoil during the zombie apocalypse. The opening scenes with zombie!Patrick eating his fellow survivors was creeptastic and disgusting. LOVED IT.

Michonne crying with baby Judith was good character development – although still cryptic.  And I wonder how Michonne’s hurt ankle is going to affect her badassery? My guess is not much. She can just ride around on her horse (wait, is her horse okay?) and machete heads off.

The sheriff is back in town! I loved when Rick re-holstered his belt and dropped his six shooter back in place. A great homage to Westerns and I just love me some crazy Rick. And crazy Carl, too! Admittedly, Rick slaughtering the pigs (metaphorically, slaughtering farmer!Rick) was sad. Andrew Lincoln is really impressing me with his acting range. He’s come so far since Love Actually.

This episode needed more Daryl. Are Darly and Carol really going to hook up? Because that really bothers me for some reason. Their names are too rhymey.

Who the hell is feeding the zombies and burning bodies? I’ve seen nearly every character as someone’s suspect. So nobody knows shit. I think it’s Carl or someone as equally invested in getting Rick back into action.

The sneak peak of next week’s episode with the 7,500 strong zombie army marching towards our survivors nearly gave me a heartattack. I hope Daryl can get his comrades out of there safely. I’m also thinking the jail is looking like a bad option now – what with the flu and zombie army nearby. Looks like they’ll just have to find another home sweet hell.