Book Review: The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw reads as a fairly tale without the happily ever after.

We meet Ida, a young woman who stares into the eyes of a pure white creature in a bog while on vacation, and subsequently begins to turn to glass.  That’s right, glass.  The transformation starts as a sliver on her toe and quickly progresses to both her feet at which point she decides to head back to the island to try and find an answer, hopefully a cure.

Back on the island, she meets Midas, a young man who has lost all feeling, all emotion.  As Ida completes her cold change to glass, she helps Midas warm as a person and get in touch with his inner emo.  Let the violins begin…

This novel is Shaw’s first – a fact that can’t be ignored.  The book read like a college graduate trying their best to write something deeply meaningful and falling short.  I repeatedly wanted to scream – Stop trying so hard!!!  Having started and stopped several short stories/potential novels myself, I empathized while still gritting my teeth to finish.  His descriptions are gorgeous – there is no doubt that he’s a talented writer.  He just doesn’t understand the notion of quitting while you’re ahead.  Such an intriguing premise, a stunning idea would perhaps have been more successful as a short story.  The entire middle of the narrative is completely unnecessary.

Despite pages of pointless descriptions of snow and ice, you’ll keep reading to find out what happens to Ida – or at least I did.   I actually look forward to Shaw’s next attempt – he has the potential to really write something amazing one day.

Star Rating – 2/5


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