The Sunday Salon: Giveaway + First 2013 Book Club

TSSbadge2I’ve been kindly allowed to give away one copy of the book I reviewed on Friday, The Expats by Chris Pavone. Click here to enter the contest. US and Canada residents only please!

Today marks the very first Litwit meetup of 2013 which excites me to no end! I’m so pleasantly surprised and somewhat baffled that we’re still going strong in 2013! Can’t wait for a new year’s worth of meetups, old and new friends. This year we are upping the ante with fresh ideas and activities. Both the April and May meetups will have an additional food theme – and who doesn’t like food, right? I’m also hoping to schedule more group outings – we have a group lunch scheduled for next Saturday and there’s a possible road trip in our future!!

This week (or whole month, really) was fantastic for reading. I devoured Persuasion by Jane Austen and I’m halfway through For Darkness Shows the Stars which is a Persuasion retelling. Jimmy and I also went to see Zero Dark Thirty on Friday night which was a mostly excellent film, although a bit slow at times. I’ve now managed to see 6 of the 9 films nominated for best picture. If I were choosing, Silver Linings Playbook would win but that choice is filled with nothing but my own biases.

Another major accomplishment this week was my first home-cooked meal of 2013. I made a white chicken lasagna and cheddar biscuits. For the first time EVER, the food I cooked actually came out quite lovely and I’ve added this meal to my playlist. It’s a rather short playlist.

I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend!


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