March Movie Madness

Not an entirely accurate post title because I didn’t watch a whole hell of a lot this month. At least, not beyond The Walking Dead. Remember how I was supposed to be embarking on a new cinematic journey? Well, did not happen. Didn’t watch a single one of the four films I had vowed to make time for. Here’s what I did manage to get around to:


Veronica Mars (The Movie):

Of course I watched this and loved every single stupid second. LoVe for life, bitches.


Thor: The Dark World:

Jimmy and I just watched this On Demand a few days ago and mostly enjoyed. I love Loki so he steals the show for me EVERY TIME. Jimmy thought the cinematic scope of the film was gorgeous and wishes he’d seen it in IMAX theaters. Wasn’t the biggest fan of Natalie Portman’s character, but loved, loved Kat Dennings.


House of Cards:

Just started watching season one. Enjoying the Southern campiness of Kevin Spacey. And Robin Wright is fierce.


Game of Thrones, Season Three:

Squeezed this in just in time for the beginning of season four. The Red Wedding might have been even more brutal on screen than on the page. Of course, I did throw the book across the room during that scene and refused to pick it up again for three days. So both were highly affecting.

What did you watch in March?


4 thoughts on “March Movie Madness

  1. You’re watching such great stuff! I saw the Veronica Mars movie too, so good. I watched House of Cards when it first came out and now I can’t wait to start season 2. We’re planning a party for the season premier of Game of Thrones too. I agree the the Red Wedding was possibly even worse in the book because you know exactly what Cat’s thinking.

  2. Will wait to see if you think House of Cards is worth it. Plan to stop by again to hear your take on the Walking Dead finale. Oh my! Love that last line by Rick: They’re messing with the wrong people! Better believe it. Break free from the cannibals! Those fricking jerks, luring people in like that. They need to be blown away. I knew Terminus would be bad and freaky. Blah! Damn cannibals. Rick will escape and get his weapons over the fence

    • I only wish he could have said ‘you’re fucking with the wrong people’ like in the comic. I hate the word screwing so very, very much, lol. But Team Prison is going to kick so much cannibal ass.

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