Free Books

When I checked the mail today I was delighted to see this beautiful specimen in my mailbox:

While books showing up in my mail is hardly a rare occurrence, FREE BOOKS almost never happen!  Do I have your attention yet?  Thought so.  I joined many months ago but have just recently discovered the First Reads giveaway section.  Basically, as long as you have a goodreads account (also free), you can enter book giveaways.  There’s no catch either – no dark, ugly side.  You just search through the hundreds of giveaways offered, click join giveaway, enter in your mailing address, and wait for the winners to be announced.  So simple!!  The books really run the literary gamut – and there are several bestselling fiction novels up for grabs.  For instance, I just entered to receive a free copy of Water for Elephants that comes with the movie on DVD (fingers are crossed!).

So what are the odds?  Well, it differs.  Depending on the popularity of the book there are generally a few hundred to a few thousand entries.  Each giveaway also differs in how many books are up for grabs – sometimes only 1 copy, other times 250 copies and everything in between.  Also, there are ways to improve your chances of winning – namely to review the books you do win quickly – pretty simple!

In the 40 or so giveaways I’ve joined, I’ve only won 1 book – but only 20 of my giveaways have chosen winners so far. Each day 10-20 new books are listed.  The entry period generally lasts for a month (give or take) and there really is no downside.  Sign up now!!!  How can you turn down the opportunity to win free books?


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